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Halo Platform February Update

Halo Platform has posted their February update.  There is some interesting more in there about exchange updates and the start of work on their mobile platform.  It's worth a quick read. “February 2020 Update” by Halo Platform


Another project that I have been getting into as of late is Ether-1 and their currency $ETHO .  This is a really interesting project and for anyone who is a true disciple of the decentralize everything tenant, these guys will be right up your ally. More than any other project I have seen they truly want to decentralize everything and they let that guide all their decision making.  They have pushed to have decentralized governance of the project, and even watch the pool loading for their mining and encourage the communities to spread out the hash rate and not let any pools get over-weighted. The project is attempting to provide for decentralized content hosting.  Now forgive me if I get a little bit of the technical details slightly off here.  Their primary product right now is EthoFS  which is how they provide for the content hosting.  You use ETHO to cover the hosting costs and your content goes up and becomes part of the blockchain.  Much like many other blockchains it's an immu


So here is my take on Ethereum as a network, and ETH as a cryptocurrency.  It's here to stay, at least as long as the space is around in general.  I know, I know this or that is the next big thing, the Ethereum killer.  I always laugh at that idea because to me it points to a fundamental misunderstanding of the space at large.  ETH need not die for something else to prosper. Crypto is plagued with tribalism.  People all want their project to be the winner, and to have a winner there has to be a loser, right?  Well not always.  I am really happy that there are a ton of options out there for me to get a meal, or a drink, or clothes, or whatever.  Such is the way with crypto. I like that there are bunches of smart contract options out there.  They all do things their own way and serve their own purposes.  Some of those may compete in many ways, but it doesn't mean there isn't room for many projects doing similar things in similar ways.   ETH is at this point a crypto instituti

Halo Platform

Halo Platform is a project I have been following for a while now. This is a project that has admittedly had it's ups and downs. The project started in the hot and heavy age of ICOs in late 2017. At first they got a ton of work done, launched their chain, launched a bunch of dapps and really got rolling. Then the bear market hit and hit hard. Much like many other cyrpto startups the project suddenly had some trouble. All the ETH and BTC that had been raised was now worth a fraction of what it was when it was raised. Many many projects either cashed out or folded, but Halo pushed through. Some tough choices were made and there was a significant downsizing that happened. Coming out of the bear market and into what many hope to be the beginning of a new awakening for crypto it appears that Halo has weathered the storm. A little beaten and a little bruised, but still alive and kicking. To date Halo has developed a fully functioning chain that is a fork of Ethereum and based in part on

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT or Basic Attention Token is the rewards token used as part of the Brave Browser and the associated rewards ecosystem. BAT is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. You earn BAT for viewing ads on Brave. You can then use that BAT to tip content creators or can cash it out. This is a really interesting project that seems to have real world application. Take a minute to check out the project website.

Brave Browser

I have become a big fan of the brave browser. It's privacy features are on point, it's fast and easy, it's based on Chrome, but most interesting is how it handles advertising. The browser blocks advertisements that you might normally see then only allows you, as an opt-in, to see advertisements that you get paid to view. You receive rewards in BAT which is a token on the Ethereum cryptocurrency network. This rewards can then be traded for your favorite crypto or fiat currency. Check it out and give it a try.

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