Another project that I have been getting into as of late is Ether-1 and their currency $ETHO.  This is a really interesting project and for anyone who is a true disciple of the decentralize everything tenant, these guys will be right up your ally. More than any other project I have seen they truly want to decentralize everything and they let that guide all their decision making.  They have pushed to have decentralized governance of the project, and even watch the pool loading for their mining and encourage the communities to spread out the hash rate and not let any pools get over-weighted.

The project is attempting to provide for decentralized content hosting.  Now forgive me if I get a little bit of the technical details slightly off here.  Their primary product right now is EthoFS which is how they provide for the content hosting.  You use ETHO to cover the hosting costs and your content goes up and becomes part of the blockchain.  Much like many other blockchains it's an immutable ledger and your content becomes and immutable object.  Put simply once your content is out there, it's there forever.  This can be very powerful for people who are concerned about censorship.

Ether-1 is, unsurprisingly, a fork of ETH.  It is both a proof of work coin and a masternode which which allows for two different means of income for those supporting the network.  Mining secures the blockchain and provides the consensus mechanism for the chain data, and in this way it is very much like ETH.  The income model is designed in such a way that mining should always have the higher payout.  Node Tiers provide computing and storage capacity for content uploaded to their private IPFS network Which is hosted by the Different Node tiers. Different levels of nodes have different requirements and those with higher performance and capacity requirements get higher levels of rewards.

On top of having what is a truly interesting product, and walking the walk of decentralization, the community has proven to be a really great group of people.  I have been lucky enough to spend some time in the Ether-1 Discord and I think you would be doing yourself a favor by checking it out.  These guys are the real deal and are looking to develop a genuine product.


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