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HaloDEX lists PEG

         HaloDEX lists PegNet stablecoin PEG. So what is PegNet?  Reading the  PegNet  webpage they dub themselves as the stablecoin network for Decentralized Finance.  It goes on to say that PegNet functions as a state channel on Ethereum dedicated to stablecoin prices, conversions and transfers.  The actual network is built on the Factom Protocal.  There are some nice videos and some other technical information but here is my not overly technical take on what PegNet really means. I will start by saying, this product and network is not aimed at high volume traders or people that rely on trade speeds of a centralized exchange.  It's not for people that need near instant settlement, or people doing intra-day trading and/or scalping.  Really it's for people that want to change what they are holding to another thing based on a longer term outlook. If you wanted to change around what you are holding, but you didn't want to have an actual exchange to log into and wait for a depo