A decent crypto faucet?

So many people new to crypto that start out going the route of crypto faucets.  They are websites that make you do some task and get rewarded with some small amount of crypto.  Almost always the effort these take compared to the amount you receive make them not at all worthwhile.  If that's the only downside you are doing ok.  Others use the faucet as a leadloss to get you into a gambling platform or some other way to lose your crypto back to the house.  Still others have withdrawal requirements that are so high compared to what you earn that it might take years of daily faucet work to get a withdrawal.  There are not many that are either honest, or are worth the time. 

I poke at these faucets occasionally just to see what's out there and usually they reaffirm my prior experiences.  Recently I happened across one that breaks the mold and is actually very straightforward and honest in it's approach.  These are not large sums of crypto and probably still won't amount to more than a couple bucks over the course of the year, but to some that might be enough to be worthwhile.  Especially if we really are on the launchpad of the next major bull run.  

I found this one while poking around the Dogecoin discord.  Someone said it was reputable and curiosity got the better of me.  They are very direct in their approach.  You go to the faucet sign up with just an email for an account.  Once signed up you pick a crypto, you click on an advertiser link, then you roll "dice" and get a payout.  Payouts are pretty consistent and are probably worth maybe half a cent to a cent a day depending on the crypto and it's daily price.  They also give you a brief description of the crypto you chose and relevant links to more information, you can opt out of that screen after the first view.  You can only go back once a day and after maybe a week you should reach the withdrawal limit pretty easily.  You won't get rich by any means, but if you just want a handful of Doge, Bean Cash, Steem, LTC, Tron or several others just for kicks this will get the job done.  

Now the real reason I am motivated to write this post is something I experienced on the site.  Once every several days they are doing Covid-19 PSAs as their links.  They send you to the CDC website for coronavirus and how to protect yourself and others.  This to me is really great and shows the general decency of the faucet operators.  They are obviously foregoing their advertising income for that link and doing something for the greater good.  It's not just a one and done either, I was curious how often you get it and it feels like a totally appropriate amount.  You still cycle through the normal advertisers but maybe about once a week you get that link.  To me I feel like this is putting a little good out in the world and I just thought it would be worth my time to spread the word.  

If you want to check it out here is a referral link, but if referrals aren't your thing just go directly there by using just the domain name.  

As I also want to spread a little good information here again is the link to the CDC website that came from the faucet.    


I hope you find my posts informative, helpful, or amusing.  Whatever the case thanks for your time.

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