Blockchain Heroes - Community Meeting 5 Promo NFTs

If you don't know yet about Blockchain Heroes you are missing out on a very cool thing.  BC Heroes is an upcoming NFT card set that is paying homage to the personalities that have built the crypto world.  They had their community meeting for the upcoming roll-out in August and they put up some community challenges to win some free NFTs and I thought I would pass those along to me readers, however few of them I might have.  So below you will find links to the challenges.  Some of these are referrals so you will also be helping me out with my referrals and helping my chances at some sweet NFTs.  So go check out the website then follow the links below to possibly win some awesome NFTs.

The first one is a partnership with Grow Your Base.  This is a site where you do tasks to earn tokens and you redeem those tokens for NFTs.  Go check it out, sign up for NFT related mailing lists, and earn some GYB tokens to win this NFT.  The screen grab doesn't do it justice as it's actually animated.  For your chance to win one of these little fellas click here



The next site they are partnering with is Kred.  Kred is a crypto website domain seller, but their website also gives you an embedded Ethereum wallet.  It's pretty trick stuff and worth checking out.  You can follow this link right here and get a chance to win one of these three pretty sweet NFTs.




The last one to check out is CoinGenius.  What CoinGenius does is they provide crypto related content, analytics and education.  They are a prime place to go to build up your industry knowledge.  This one we have been asked not to share direct links to non-community members.  So if you want to get in on this you need to go and join the BC Heroes Telegram and get involved.  You also should check out the Bad Crypto guys and take a look at  Strike up some conversations and see what all the fuss it about.  You will find some awesome people there and will likely get a link to a form to fill out to get the NFT.  Like above this is three potential NFTs.  The first two are shown below and the third is an animated NFT that looks like the first card morphing into the second.  It's pretty awesome.




Well that just about covers it.  Go check these guys out.  Their podcast is awesome and they are genuinely awesome guys.  I suggest you go back and catch up on all the BC Heroes community meetings, lots of great stuff to check out.


I hope you find my posts informative, helpful, or amusing.  Whatever the case thanks for your time.

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