It's happening, it's official - An option other than Uphold for Brave users

I know I teased this coming a short while back, but stick with me, this isn't a tease, it's real.  I know that all the Brave and BAT boards have been plastered with the news that much like Binance before it, Gemini is now going to have a trading widget right on Brave new tab page.  This is exciting enough for some people because Gemini is a legal exchange in almost the whole of the US.  It can even be used in the elusive state of New York.  The thing is that's were some people stopped reading or stopped paying attention.  Yeah, I get it, another trading widget, whatever.  If you did stop there you missed the pay off.  Read the first line of the article posted on the Brave website closely:


We are excited to announce that Gemini and Brave have partnered to make it easier for users to buy, sell, store, and earn crypto when using the Brave browser.


I highlighted the important bit for you there, that's right, earn.  You have to keep reading further down the article to get to that important part which is why I think some people maybe didn't catch it.  First they talk about the widget, then about Brave, but down at the bottom is where the excitement happens.


In addition, Brave-verified content creators can custody their digital assets in a Gemini Creator Wallet. That means Brave creators can receive their BAT payments into their Gemini Creator Wallet, or in any other fiat or crypto asset supported on Gemini’s Exchange. Gemini is a New York-based Trust company regulated by the New York State Department of Finance, and available in all U.S. states except Hawaii. For the first time, Brave Creators registered in New York can now benefit from the Gemini-Brave integration and utilize the Creator wallet to claim their BAT.


This is really important for all those people that have been previously closed out by Uphold.  Everyone in NY to start, but also people that have been booted off of Uphold for no good reason, no explanation and have had no recourse.  It's an option, and options are good.  Now, I know what you are going to say, they require KYC, it's not anonymous.  You are right, there is room for improvement.  The major goal is direct out of Brave to an ERC wallet of your choosing.  You aren't wrong, I don't disagree.  But this is progress and unlocks possibilities for a lot of people.  Also, Gemini is pretty easily argued as being a compliance first, highly reputable company.  Those worried about KYC data security with Uphold might find this slightly more palatable, maybe.

I know, it's only creator accounts too, not all wallets.  But it's a start and shows movement in the right direction.  This is a win.  Maybe direct wallet integration for non-creators comes later.  But also, it's really easy to become a creator.  If you have a twitter account or a reddit account, you can sign up.  It's not perfect, but it's an option.  There is a way other than Uphold to get BAT out of the Brave ecosystem, and for me, that's good news.


I hope you find my posts informative, helpful, or amusing.  Whatever the case thanks for your time.

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