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WAX Wallets - Solutions for all levels of security

The NFT world has brought all kinds of people into the crytpo-sphere.  Some are well versed in how crypto wallets work and others are new to the arena.  This article should have useful information for both and those in between.  I have gotten a number of questions from some people regarding various wallet solutions up to and including setting up a cold storage solution for WAX.  I will run through your options below and link you to some helpful additional content to accomplish your goal no matter what you personal security risk profiles look like.   I will start out by saying that I am not an expert in WAX by any means.  That's why this is really a article full of links to resources for you to check out.  The thing about WAX is that it is kind of designed around using their cloud wallet solution.  You can pretty much do what you want on chain without it, but it makes life way easier.  All the dapps are designed to work with it and it's integration is dominant across the chain.