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Halo Platform is a project I have been following for a while now. This is a project that has admittedly had it's ups and downs. The project started in the hot and heavy age of ICOs in late 2017. At first they got a ton of work done, launched their chain, launched a bunch of dapps and really got rolling.

Then the bear market hit and hit hard. Much like many other cyrpto startups the project suddenly had some trouble. All the ETH and BTC that had been raised was now worth a fraction of what it was when it was raised. Many many projects either cashed out or folded, but Halo pushed through. Some tough choices were made and there was a significant downsizing that happened.

Coming out of the bear market and into what many hope to be the beginning of a new awakening for crypto it appears that Halo has weathered the storm. A little beaten and a little bruised, but still alive and kicking.

To date Halo has developed a fully functioning chain that is a fork of Ethereum and based in part on the protocols of Quorum which is also an ETH fork. The amazing part is it's fast and free. The chain is an on demand chain, what that means is every time there is a demand for a transaction the chain generates a block. This can happen as fast as 4 blocks a second. This means a chain capable of making 5,000 transactions per second. Also, the chain is designed to be free of transaction fees. That's right, no gas fees for transactions. You can launch a smart contract for free, launch a token for free and send and receive on chain for free. The chain develops fees through dapps which contribute to the masternode holders pool.

They have developed a masternode dapp that provides rewards based on 4 different tiers of masternodes. But the slick thing is you can hold a partial masternode trustlessly through smart contracts. So you can get into the action with a minimal investment and continue to reinvest as time goes on. If you want to change around those holding you can buy and sell those fractional masternodes in a marketplace.

There is a wallet that let's you interact directly with smart contracts. This wallet is available through their desktop client or through the browser extension.

The browser extension is an impressive piece of software. Think Metamask, but a lot more. You can interact directly with the dapps developed for the chain as well as the exchange and the games.

The exchange is a dex and can be found at halodex.io/. Because of the blazing fast chain speed, this is a dex that responds instantly. Trades can be entered and filled nearly instantaneously due to the chain speed. But, your wallet is trustless. It's also a cross-chain dex.

The dex will be evolving with an update scheduled for 2020 called the Pinnacle update. This will transform the dex into something much more than any other dex. Although the wallets will remain trustless and you will hold your own keys, the update will bring a set of tools typically only seen on centralized exchanges. After the initial launch Pinnacle will continue to add tools like leveraged trading, multiple different order types, market making and provided liquidity as well as many more. These changes will all be put in place while you continue to hold your keys and maintain control of your crypto in the trustless wallet.

It's not just all business, Halo also has gaming dapps. These games can happen on chain but at the speed of an off chain game due to the chain speed. The most popular game is called blockfight. You can check it out on blockfight.com. This is an immersive dice game that has fully animated fighting scenes between blockfight fighters. There is a backstory for the fighters, multiple arenas, multiple wager amounts and you can even set your own odds based on the fighter matchup you select. You can play the game with free in game tokens to test it out, and of course halo, but it's also available to be played directly with ETH through the use of Metamask. Oh, and it's available as a mobile game too, so you can play on your phone.

Speaking of mobile, there is also a mobile platform planned for 2020 which will allow you to use your wallet, manage your masternodes and perform all the things you do on the extension but do it on your phone.

This platform is rebuilding after a tough bear market and has a huge potential. It's worth keeping your eyes on this one. They have a lot going on and are skating right beneath a lot of peoples radar.


  1. Halo is also working on integration of a private send option for 2020-2021.

  2. A lot of good stuff happening with Halo Platform, this is a very good summary.


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